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Designer is someone who is artful or wily, a plotter setting traps. Other very significant words fit into this same context, especially the words “mechanics” and “machine.” The Greek “mechos” indicates a device meant to aid in deception-the Trojan Horse being a good example of this. Ulysses is called “polymechanikos,” which is translated as “full of stratagems.” The word “mechos” is derived from the ancient root “magh,” which we can recognize in the German words “macht” [power] and “mogen” [will; desire] Accordingly, a machine is a device for trickery. For example, the lever tricks gravity. “Mechanics” is the strategy to manipulate heavy bodies. Another word fitting into this context is “technique.” The Greek “techne” means “art” and is related to “tekton,” which means “‘cabinetmaker or joiner.”

-On the Word Design: An Etymological Essay Vilem Flussel


a seed of  is a design workshop. I’m Vik Lai, the host/designer of this workshop. My clients and friends include folks from Europe, Canada and Hong Kong. Currently, I’m studying architecture at the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and I’m a licensed building designer in Ontario. Design is a lever that tricks gravity’ with ‘technique’, but I’m your candid good friend. 

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