3D Futuristic Model Project

Architectural Studies

3D Futuristic Model
City of Desire: From Three Medlars to Clavicle Bodhisattva by Vik Lai

This 3D futuristic model is inspired from Adriaen Coorte, Three Medlars with a Butterfly, c. 1693-1695. The architecture reference is an entertainment building in Sci-fi old town. The fruit of the medlars has long been associated with sex work and desire because it’s not edible until it’s rotten. I used a bony form inspired by Clavicle Bodhisattva ,an old Buddhist story, which implies that desire is an illusion. The Desire ends up with a bunch of clavicles remaining.

My futuristic model was developed from three planes: Plane 1.- The grid and the distorted space Plane 2.- Three abstracted medlars Plane 3.-The traces of the butterfly in the abstract composition. In plane 1, the Fibonacci sequence is used to create a curve. In plane 2, Three abstracted medlars are used as a section plane, above the plane they are enlarged or blown up like a balloon with power.

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