One Cube and Six Rectangles Project

Architectural Studies

One Cube and Six Rectangle Project:  ‘Grandma can still hike. & Sorry, I’m too old for this.’ by Vik Lai

‘Grandma can still hike’ is the abstract name of the orthogonal composition. The architectural reference is a bamboo scaffold. The one cube is the empty space at the center created by the scaffold. The direction of movement of the rectangles is climbing slowly upward.

‘Sorry, I’m too old for this. is the non-orthogonal composition. The architectural reference is an amusement park. At the center is the exposed cube in three scrambled parts. The six rectangles are sliced into thin strips to create an upward movement at the center, then orbiting and spinning around speedy.

‘Grandma can still hike’ ,the orthogonal composition(Right)
‘Sorry, I’m too old for this, the non-orthogonal composition (Left)

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